All of our Chihuahuas are registered purebred with The Canadian Kennel club(ckc). We do not bred Chihuahuas to make a profit. Our breeding philosophy is breeding for betterment of the breed only, and to obtain new show dogs for ourselves. We offer limited Chihuahuas for sale as pets, because we have a limited number of litters per year. All Chihuahuas that we sell are sold on a STRICT non- breeding contract in accordance with the Canadian Kennel Club non- breeding agreements.

I am a proud member in good standings with the Canadian Kennel Club.

*We do NOT breed "Teacup" or "Merle" Chihuahuas!

Reputable Chihuahua breeders would never breed teacup - sized dogs or Merle dogs. "Teacup" is a backyard breeder ( unethical) slang used to try and sound like their dogs are smaller than average. The Chihuahua standard is from 2 pounds to 6 pounds when full grown. Though some can reach more than 6 pounds , they are still purebred but can not be shown in the Conformation ring. Merle Chihuahuas and their puppies can not be registered as purebred with the Canadian Kennel Club; and any such registering is fraudulent. The Merle gene, which causes the coat and eye dilution, does not occur in Chihuahuas, and is the result of breeding Chihuahuas with another breed of dog. There are also many health risks to breeding merle to merle and many backyard breeders tend to ignore this fact to produce more, just to sell as a Designer dog.

My name is Gina Del-Rae Heidecker. I live in a small community in Central Alberta, Canada. I Grew up around hear on our family farm, where I had every animal I could as a pet; animals are my true love. I am dedicated to the betterment of the Chihuahua breed through improvement in health and temperament, to reach as close to the Chihuahua standard with each successive generation. I love showing my dogs more then anything else in the world! I love the journey I have embarked on !

Please feel free to contact me anytime , or call me at 1-403-740-0082

Delrae Chihuahuas